Barcelona, ​​Third Homeland of Tango

Enrique Cadícamo

Qerhaps many people ignore today that Barcelona saw a boom of tango in the Twenties. A phenomenon that earned him the nickname "Third Patria del Tango".
The expression of "Barcelona, ​​Senior Patria del Tango" belongs to Enrique Cadicamo, after checking on the ground towards the twenties and early thirties.

Gardel in BarcelonaGardel_Barcelona_s

It is very curious that when Carlos Gardel landed in 1925 in Barcelona, ​​the next week will organize a social dinner entertainment when Gardel was an absolute stranger in Barcelona, ​​in Spain and in Europe.
And introduces the figure of Gardel tango singer in Barcelona.

Xavier Fevers

Source: ARG Express Magazine

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